R & D

Zenasia LifeSciences R&D Centre has a team of scientists who offer dedicated services in the areas of Generic Drug Development, value added generics and New Drug Delivery Systems, thereby transforming development into the highest quality therapeutic products.

Set up at an investment, our R&D Centre conforms to international quality standards and houses advanced and up to date equipment.

Formulation Development:

With a portfolio of different categories of products for various markets, the development team has vertically integrated operations for greater control: patent navigation, formula and process development, scaling-up, tech transfer, manufacturing of finished formulations and registrations.

Zenasia’s development arm has dedicated teams of highly qualified scientists working on development and registration of generic products for ROW and highly regulated markets.

New Drug Delivery Systems:

Zenasia LifeSciences R&D Center is capable of developing new dosage forms by leveraging our proprietary technologies such as Taste masking Technology, Multi unit pellet Technology, extrusion and spheronization technology and Matrix based technology for Extended/ Sustained/Modified Release Formulations.

Analytical Method Development services

Complete method development services w.r.t assay, dissolution, impurities, stress testing/forced degradation studies or any other as per regulatory requirements. Comprehensive documentation leading to Analytical data package for Registration/filing with various regulatory bodies. Customized stability data package as per customer requirement

Contact Manufacturing Services & Support Services

Zenasia is the one of the few contract services company can offer WHOGMP facility for contract manufacturing Pellets, Granules, Capsules and Tablets for domestic and ROW markets. In near future we should be approved by major international regulatory agency.

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