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At Zenasia, we are more than the pharmaceutical products manufacturer and supplier. We value a reliable partnership and the significance it has in providing you peace of mind. We guarantee custom solutions that meet your individual needs, every time.

Zenasia is committed to providing medicines that will improve people’s quality of life and truly make a difference to patients. Our ultimate goal is to leverage the power of science through new innovations in both preventive and curative healthcare.

We believe in performance sustainability in all aspects of business. Our success has depended on several factors including foray into diverse segments, creating products people value, making them widely accessible and operating efficiently.

Zenasia LifeSciences targets four market segments in the domestic and global pharmaceutical industry:

Pellet manufacturing with products provided years before originator/brand patents expire and main objective is to manufacture pellets of immediate and controlled release forms, which are ready to fill (RTF) in capsules. The Products are with quality at an affordable price for both Domestic consumption and for Export purpose.

Development and Manufacturing of specialty products like Anti-Retroviral and also other category of Pharmaceutical products, including extensive product development laboratory space to accommodate all analytical processes and bench scale formulation through to pilot scale manufacturing and scale-up for multiple concurrent development projects and have established manufacturing facility with capacity to produce 600 metric tons of pellets, 100 millions of tablets and capsules annually. Zenasia produce a comprehensive range of specialty products targeting different therapeutic segments for treatment of patients, customized to each market we are present in. Our business includes Branded Generics in emerging markets of Asia and Africa at present and generics in the developed markets like EU, USA etc in future.

Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for highly regulated markets, focused on providing innovator pharma companies with CMC development and cGMP commercial scale manufacturing services. Our global pharma and biotech clients gain clear competitive advantage through shorter time to both progressive development milestones and finally market launch.

Support for Phase I BA/BE & also Preclinical studies in rodents : Looking to execute Bioequivalence studies on various dosage forms at top quality, top speed and at competitive prices and also customized studies for challenging drugs requiring complex designs and/or special attention towards safety parameters. Our highly qualified team of scientists with in-depth knowledge in instrumentation and application of LC-MS/MS technology enables timely method development. We validate our analytical methods as per global regulatory requirements.

Our scientists have derived a process flow that generates results with quality withstanding any regulatory scrutiny while meeting your timelines. With a proven track record in developing methods for highly complex (hormones) and unstable molecules, we are your right partner for all your bioanalytical needs.

Our vast expertise and in-depth understanding of stringent regulatory requirements ensure each project is accomplished in rapid turn-around times. We are proud to be a partner for several prominent generic pharma companies and have helped contribute to their aggressive First to file project timelines by speedy bioanalysis in line with their requirements.

Toxicology services in Rodents (Rat and Mouse) are also to be offered for customers. Systems and Procedures of toxicology studies are closely monitored and supervised by independent Quality Assurance Unit (QAU). Zenasia is capable of identifying potential toxicity of a NCE at an early stage of drug discovery, which facilitates candidate selection and rapid decision making for drug development.

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